Round 1

Saints beat Knights two games to zero.

Cedarview beats Bulldogs two games to zero.

Athletics defeat Warden two games to zero.

Mounties defeat Cubs two games to zero.

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Playoffs – First Round

Playoff 2018
Date: Time Visiting @ Home
Monday, 10th 2018 6:30 Knights Saints
8:00 Saints Knights
9:30 Knights if needed* Saints if needed*
Tuesday, 11th 2018 6:30 Bulldogs Cedarview
8:00 Cedarview Bulldogs
9:30 Bulldogs if needed* Cedarview if needed*
Wednesday, 12th 2018 6:30 Warden Athletics
8:00 Athletics Warden
9:30 Warden if needed* Athletics if needed*
Thursday, 13th 2018 6:30 Cubs Mounties
8:00 Mounties Cubs
9:30 Cubs if needed* Mounties if needed*
Monday, 17th, 2018 6:30 Pilgrims Sonic
8:00 Sonic Pilgrims
9:30 Pilgrims if needed* Sonic if needed*
Tuesday, 18th 2018 6:30 Rockies Hogs
8:00 Hogs Rockies
9:30 Rockies if needed* Hogs if needed*
Wednesday, 19th 2018 6:30 Storm Mennos
8:00 Mennos Storm
9:30 Storm if needed* Mennos if needed*
Thursday, 20th 2018 6:30 Warriors Titans
8:00 Titans Warriors
9:30 Warriors if needed* Titans if needed*
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Rain Games

Rain out games are next week:

Wed Sep 5

6:30 PM Knights @ Pilgrims

8:00 PM Bulldogs @ Knights

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2018 Tournament

The tournament is this weekend. Games will be held on the evening of Friday June 8 and all day Saturday June 9. Schedule will be posted shortly.

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2018 Registration

All players must register online in the NSA Player Registration database.

  • Go to
  • Click on Player Registration
  • Click on Register Now
  • Fill out the form and click Submit. Choose REC for the Player Classification.

o   An email will be sent now to your email account
o   Click on the link in the email to complete your registration
o   If you wish to confirm you are in the database go back to Player Registration and click on List of Players


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2018 Clean Up Day

Clean up day is this Saturday, starting at 9 AM. A pickup game will follow, so bring your gloves and cleats.

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2018 Round Robin Schedule

Please see the Schedule page for the 2018 Round Robin schedule.  With 16 teams this year, a full round robin would not leave enough time for divisional play and playoffs, so the round robin was abbreviated to 10 games. Divisional play will be 7 games (schedule to be released later in the season) and then playoffs (as discussed at the rep meeting).

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Hogs are the A division champions. Bull Dogs are the B division champions.

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Mon. Sept 25
No Games, moving to the following week.

07:00 – Hogs @ Cedarview
08:30 – Cedarview @ Hogs *if necessary

07:00 – Saints @ Rockies
08:30 – Rockies @ Saints *if necessary

Tues. Oct. 3rd
07:00 – Warriors @ Bulldogs
08:30 – Bulldogs @ Warriors

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Mon. Sept. 18
7:00pm Mounties @ Bulldogs
8:30pm Bulldogs @ Mounties

Tue. Sept. 19
7:00pm Warriors @ Knights
8:30pm Knights @ Warriors

Wed. Sept. 20
6:30pm Mennos @ Rockies
8:00pm “Winner of Mennos @ Rockies” @ Saints
9:30pm Cedarview @ Hogs

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