Tuesday, September 30:

8pm Sonic vs Warriors
9:30pm Warriors vs Sonic

Wednesday, October 1:

8pm Cedarview vs Hogs
9:30pm Hogs vs Cedarview

Tuesday October 7:

9:30 PM A Division Game 3

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1 Response to Finals

  1. Scott Sommers says:

    Hello whomever is doing the website. I do think you are doing a good job but I hink you can be better.
    Today is Oct 9th and the finals should be over by now (I can’t tell because the website doesn’t have the final scores). Can you post the final scores for those of us that would like to know and couldn’t be at the games.

    The League has chosen to use the website as the primary dispensary of information to the membership and needs to be current at all times. Perhaps we need to re-visit this going forward.

    Thanks again for your efforts.

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