2023 Welcome Message

Please send an e-transfer with league fees or make an arrangement to provide a cheque asap.

We’ve found the pegs for all the bases and painted new lines on the fence this year so they should be easy to find. Please make sure to put the plugs with feathers back in the base pegs at the end of the night. This is the home teams responsibility, if they aren’t we will “kindly” send you a reminder email lol. WIthout these, the bases get lost and then someone has to make a special trip and spend time finding them again.

You’ll notice we are not having long weekend Monday games this year. Last year they caused us headaches getting teams to show up and getting guys to fill the teams. These games will be made up through decouple headers near the end of the year. Thanks Ryan and Matt for balancing the schedule

Rule reminder changes.

1. Change from 10 batters to max 6 run mercy – This includes a home run, if you’re at 4 runs and have the bases loaded, it becomes a 2 run home run.

2. We are allowing teams to borrow 1-2 players from another team within the same division to field 9 players. You must have 7 of your own guys

3. Home run rule is still 5+2 but over the max is an out instead of a single.

These rules were voted on at the meeting and we will try them for this year and amend if we have to for next.

Lastly, please register all of your players under the insurance. Reminder, if you have someone subbing for a night they have to be registered under insurance. Insurance info will be linked under the page on our YCSF website

Thanks everyone, have a fun and safe season

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2021 Season Starts July 12

Lets goooooo.

July 10 is the cleanup day, please go to that. Talk to your team rep.

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A Division
Saints vs Cedarview

B Division
Knights vs Athletics

C Division
Titans vs Pilgrims

Tiebreakers Explained:
– Pilgrims, Titans and Dodgers tied for first. Their H2H records were identical, so H2H run differential was used. Pilgrims and Titans had the same H2H run differential, which was better than the Dodgers. So they made the playoffs. Pilgrims had a better overall run differential so they take the first seed.

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2020 York Christian Sports Fellowship COVID Regulations

  • Do not come if you have a fever, feel ill, or have been exposed to someone with symptoms
  • No pregame warmup with teammates – stretching in fields around diamond before game is ok
  • No shared non-essential equipment (ex. Batting gloves, shoes, etc…)
  • No post-game handshakes
  • Third base coach must wear mask, and stand near the fence 
  • Players must use batting gloves while batting 
  • Catcher will wear batting gloves, masks would be appreciated, but not required 
  • Bat/ball sanitizer will be provided by the league, but teams are welcome to provide their own, at their own expense 
  • Balls to be cleaned between innings, defensive team supplies balls, umpire does not handle extra balls. Keep extra balls just inside the fence on your bench side
  • Bench distancing, consider wearing mask while on the bench
  • No sunflower seeds or other consumables 
  • No fans, unless under extenuating circumstances, if there are fans they must practice social distancing and wear masks as required by York Region guidance 
  • No throwing ball around the horn
  • No pre-inning tossing
  • Catcher and ump will determine placement, at the umpires advisement 
  • Masks are allowed on field, but not required 
  • Team coach/rep is in charge of team enforcement
  • Any infractions could result in the player being banned for the remainder of the season
  • Players should limit personal equipment at the bench – try to come fully dressed and change shoes at the car, bags can stay on grassy areas away from the bench
  • Homerun walk off rule – when a player hits a homerun all base runners immediately walk off, no need to round the bases 
  • Homerun back to singles, not foul
  • Payment, only e-transfer
  • Willowgrove bathroom is off limits, there will be an outhouse near the field
  • All other Willowgrove property is strictly off limits 
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2019 Finals

Hogs defeat Rockies 2 games to 1 to win the A Division Finals

Athletics defeat Warriors 2 games to 0 to win the B Division Finals

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Round 2

Monday Sept 24 – Athletics beat Pilgrims 2 to 0

Tuesday Sept 25 – Warriors advance

Wednesday Sept 26 – Hogs advance

Thursday Sept 27 – Cornerstone defeats Sonic 2 to 0

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Round 1

Mon Sept 9: Warriors beat Warden 2 to 1
Tues Sept 10: Titans and Cubs are tied 1 to 1, Game 3 has been postponed to Sept 24 at 6:30
Weds Sept 11: Athletics beat Storm 2 to 0
Thurs Sept 12: Pilgrims beat Bayview 2 to 0

Mon Sept 16: Rockies beat Knights 2 to 0
Tues Sept 17: Sonic beat Mennos 2 to 0
Weds Sept 18: Saints beat Mountain Goats 2 to 0
Thurs Sept 19: Hogs beat Cedarview 2 to 1

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Mon.Jul.156:30 PMCubs@Storm
8:00 PMAthletics@Hogs
9:30 PMMennos@Hogs
Tues.Jul.166:30 PMSonic@Pilgrims
8:00 PMPilgrims@Titans
9:30 PMTitans@Bayview
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2019 Schedule

Check the schedule page, it has been posted.

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Saints defeat Cedarview two games to zero to win the Division A finals.

Mennos defeat Athletics two games to one to win the Division B finals.

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