2020 York Christian Sports Fellowship COVID Regulations

  • Do not come if you have a fever, feel ill, or have been exposed to someone with symptoms
  • No pregame warmup with teammates – stretching in fields around diamond before game is ok
  • No shared non-essential equipment (ex. Batting gloves, shoes, etc…)
  • No post-game handshakes
  • Third base coach must wear mask, and stand near the fence 
  • Players must use batting gloves while batting 
  • Catcher will wear batting gloves, masks would be appreciated, but not required 
  • Bat/ball sanitizer will be provided by the league, but teams are welcome to provide their own, at their own expense 
  • Balls to be cleaned between innings, defensive team supplies balls, umpire does not handle extra balls. Keep extra balls just inside the fence on your bench side
  • Bench distancing, consider wearing mask while on the bench
  • No sunflower seeds or other consumables 
  • No fans, unless under extenuating circumstances, if there are fans they must practice social distancing and wear masks as required by York Region guidance 
  • No throwing ball around the horn
  • No pre-inning tossing
  • Catcher and ump will determine placement, at the umpires advisement 
  • Masks are allowed on field, but not required 
  • Team coach/rep is in charge of team enforcement
  • Any infractions could result in the player being banned for the remainder of the season
  • Players should limit personal equipment at the bench – try to come fully dressed and change shoes at the car, bags can stay on grassy areas away from the bench
  • Homerun walk off rule – when a player hits a homerun all base runners immediately walk off, no need to round the bases 
  • Homerun back to singles, not foul
  • Payment, only e-transfer
  • Willowgrove bathroom is off limits, there will be an outhouse near the field
  • All other Willowgrove property is strictly off limits 
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