Below you will find the team rankings for each division along with the updated schedule.  Please note that the proposed schedule has changed, so you will need to refer to this email for next week.  Going forward the schedule will need to be made on the fly, based on when series finish and who wins.  Please make sure to continue to submit your scores right away, so we can get that schedule out to the teams as soon as possible.




A Division B Division
1 Saints 1 Knights
2 Hogs 2 Bulldogs
3 Rockies 3 Mounties
4 Sonic 4 Pilgrims
5 Cedarview 5 Warriors
6 Athletics 6 Storm
7 Mennos 7 Warden




Monday September 4th

No Games, Labour Day Holiday


Tuesday September 5th

6:30pm – A Division Team 5 @ Team 4 – Game 1

8:00pm – A Division Team 4 @ Team 5 – Game 2

9:30pm – B Division Team 5 @ Team 4 – Game 1


Wednesday September 6th

7:00pm – A Division Wild Card Game

8:30pm – B Division Wild Card Game



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